Friday, 13 March 2015

Themed Days for your amusement. Presenting Follow Up Friday.

So my new thing is trying out themed days of the week. Today is Friday and my themed day is Follow Up Friday ‪#‎followupfriday‬ (worth a try) where I look back at some of my my lovely returning clients/
 families too see how they have grown. You will have seen a lot of this little guy on my website but he is just so damn photogenic, as are his two new twin siblings. Through his first few years here is Leo.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Mothers Day Photo Package. A pressy they will LOVE.

The Mothers Day Photography Gift is a thoughtful and unique present guaranteed to put a genuine smile on a mum's face come the 15th of March.

Who Is this present perfect for:

Your own mum
Your Grandmother(s)
Your wife or partner

..and for the Grandmother's out there, this is a perfect pressy for your daughters and if you wanted to look at this cynically it is a great way to get some beautiful new photos of the family too :)

How does it work and will they have something to open on Mothers Day?

You book the shoot today and if there is time then a personalised voucher will be sent in the post to arrive on or before Mothers Day weekend. If you book just a little too late for me to post the voucher then I can either email you the voucher so you can print it off yourselves or I can send a digital version that will arrive in the mum in question's inbox on the 15th of March. 

How does the actual shoot work?

The shoot is a mini version of a package I offer on my website Family Photography

First you organise the family and decide on a location to meet for the shoot. Outside among nature is usually best and if there are children involved then somewhere with a park might do very nicely. 

I spend roughly an hour with you all. I take a mixture of posed and natural, reportage style shots of everyone just being themselves all interacting and having fun.

The shoot includes:

• A personalised voucher sent by email to arrive 

    on Mothers Day
• 60 minute shoot on a location of your choice
• 10 images for digital download (all chosen by you from a selection)
• One A3 professional print

Cost £100

This deal is open to anyone in Sheffield, Cambridgeshire and Bedford.