Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The job I do......

As a child I adored looking at photos of my brother and myself as babies. I was however blessed to have a father who documented, in beautiful fashion, our childhood and a grandfather who did the same so that we were never without wonderful pictures to look at.

In this day and age the physical photograph is almost obsolete, replaced in our digital age with faster and more transient ways of sharing images. I miss holding a physical photograph sometimes.


I sometimes ask myself, as a baby and children photographer, what kind of shelf life a job such as mine will have. When I see that couples preparing for the impending arrival of their first child are just as likely to invest in a new DSLR as they are a pram or cot I do feel concerned for my job.

I see your photos, I really enjoy looking at them on my FB news feed........yet I have begun to realise they are not a replacement for the work I do. You yourselves have made me realise it.

My clients have come to me, mostly through word of mouth. When I say word of mouth I mean my photos have caught people's attention. I am a professional portrait photographer and there is a difference in the kind of photos I can produce of your little ones.....A difference it turns out, that you like.

I am not a photographic studio owner who wants a quick cash payment in. I'm not someone who will ever make you feel time pressured, or someone who doesn't care how stressed the kids are, or how stressed you are for that matter. If you give me time with you and your little ones I will see you rewarded with photos that no studio photographer could ever capture.

I've had a number of clients come to me after unhappy studio photography experiences.

So, what do I do?
Well, I come and spend time with you at your home or in any location of your choosing. I spend enough time with you so the children are comfortable in my presence and begin to ignore the camera. You and I may work in a change of clothes for the children or  a change of scenery and we can do any shots you have in mind and I'll probably do some shots I've thought might work well too.

Then I edit the images and make them look extra beautiful.... though I have to say babies and children (snot and dribble aside) need the absolute least editing out of all the types of photos I take.

Finally I send you the images on CD or DVD. Maybe I will send you a large print or even a baby or children book if you've selected one and in addition to this I will send you actual prints of the photos on the CD so you can put them in frames, decorate your walls and maybe fill an album that your children can look at as we used to in the old days :)

To this day I've had nothing but happiness, compliments and recommendations from clients and this makes me extremely proud.

.....and why am I telling you all this? I tell you because I want you to see what sort of photography I do and what I can do for you. Yes it's not cheap, but would you want a bunch of cheap looking photos? .....but don't be alarmed, my prices are actually very competitive!

Take a look at some of my recent work and judge for yourself.  If you like what you see then please message me.