Friday, 12 April 2013

Inside a Toddler Lifestyle Photo-shoot

This Toddler photo-shoot is very typical of how most toddler lifestyle photography shoots go.  Our subject is the lovely Leo who is 18 months and it took place in Autumn when the light was especially lovely. 

I arrive at your home at a specified time. Before hand we will have exchanged some emails and I'll suggest maybe having a change of clothes ready and some ideas for a change of location such as the park during our time together.

I usually start indoors and allow my little subjects to get used to me and my camera. I just photograph away at opportune moments..

I use the backdrop of the house and very often your child's bedroom and toys which make for colourful photos.

Often I suggest incorporating lunch or a snack in the photo-shoot because it can lead to some fab photos.

.......and then, depending on you guys, the parents, you have the option to get in on photo time yourself.

Heading outside or any change of location is key for variety in the photos I do plus it also acts to keep the little one fresh and interested.

The light outside, at certain times of year, can be a blessing for photographers. I don't use much artificial light at all, some fill in flash mainly, but I always try to utilise natural light because I feel children look their absolute best photographed in this way.

A play area is a definite bonus :)

And then we come inside and I usually get a few more snaps before I head off. 

Essentially, during the shoot I quietly stalk your little one until I have a repertoire of fabulous images which I then take away and edit.

Children and Baby photos require very little editing. The main purpose of this process is primarily to make eyes sparkle, colours look their best and remove any food or bogeys, yes snot, from your little one so they look their absolute best. I will also pick certain photos to change to black and white and add some stylistic affects.

...and that is pretty much if you are interested then make sure you contact me:
Sammi Sparke Photography
07879 423231

Sammi Sparke Photography
07879 423231